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8 Korean traditional instruments
1,344 sound samples


There's a world called 'Niftia', where the people seeking style and joy gather in. But one thing was missed in the world - the sound for expressing joy. The god of Nitia gives 8 instruments, the roots of the sound to people as gift. "This world has the delights of watching, no delights of lisetning. Now start your journey to find them." Your instrument changes itself into mystical form and becomes your companion and guardian. You leave on your creative journey with the sound of your instrument and with the people with other sounds for new sound and style.

  • 8 instruments are given to Niftia. Each instrument transforms into the look of tiger, phoenix, Moon rabbit, fox, deer, dragon, fairy and crane, and becomes your guardian.

  • Every sound has its unique pulse and hue, even it represents same instrument. There are 12 types of pulse(rhythm) depending on the speed of sound, and 7 types of hue(tonality) depending on the color of sound. Your sound can create new generation of sound with the others', so the more you make your sound mingling, the more sounds will be created.


  • Oneum Project is a premium membership community for the creators who wants new music, video and other contents with Korean tradtional sound.

  • Oneum NFT holders can get full access to 1,344 samples of Korean traditional instrument sound, no matter how many NFT they have.

  • Oneum NFT holder has worldwide limitless license related to using, modulating, copying and displaying sound sample to create spin-off contents based on all sound sample of Oneum project ("commercial license"), as long as they abide by the regulations of Oneum Project.

  • Oneum NFT holder has worldwide limitless license related to using, copying and displaying artwork to create spin-off contents based on the artwork which the holder has("commercial license"), as long as they abide by the regulations of Oneum Project. For example, the holder can use the artwork they have to produce and sell the commercial products such T-shirts with the artwork.


3PM image


The most diveresed music curation service in Korea

ShinyTiger image


Artist introducing various Korean traditional creatures in history, record and story

Delta.O.Yanni image


The composer and the synthesizer developer unites into a sound designer group, as opposite extremes meet

Wavtree image


Music tech service developing and distributing virtual instruments and sample library of Korean traditional instruments for professional composer, producer and general musicians


JADE KEY image


EDM artist and DJ who pursues 'Hardstyle' as his main genre

DJ SOPHI image


Dubstep DJ/Producer, playing strong and powerful sound and making tracks containing movie-like story

Delta.O.Yanni image


Eastern&Western music and classic&modern sound for their coexistence and to make the balance of the cold world of 0 and 1 and the warm breath of the performer

Beat.K image


Drummer and producer for the band 'CRAM'. Mainly produced HipHop and RnB genres and made his debut as an NFT musician with the song 'Doge Buyer' in the NFT compilation album

Earth image


Ethnic and progressive singer and songwriter based from Seoul, Korea

Daf.(다프) image


Korean music producer and NFT artist.He made his debut with the release of his personal EP album 'A gloomy story' in 2020, and has since produced a variety of advertising and visual music, including Adidas, Nexon Kart Rider, and various theatrical performances.He currently runs a music NFT collection called 'StrangeSoundClub' and is active as an NFT music writer, including collaboration with various projects.



  • Oneum compilation album release(artist application available)

  • Oneum Song camp

  • Securing additional sample sounds of Korean tradional instrument

  • Web DAW mixing system release